Holiday Cocktails

It’s time, well it’s a tiny, tiny bit early, but it’s time to start the holiday drinking. I’m mixing cocktails tonight at an open house (Mockingbird is always available to make drinks at your party!) Here are the offerings:

Dimmi Fizz:
1 oz of Dimmi
3 oz of dry Champagne
4 dashes Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Serve over ice. Bitter Truth bitters are now available of Downtown Wine and Spirits. More on that in another post.

Gin and Cucumbers Soda
2 oz Corsair Gin
1 oz Lemon Thyme syrup
2 oz homemade Cucumber Soda

Serve over ice. The Corsair boys are from Nashville.

Rum Sling
2 oz Prichard’s Tennessee rum
1 oz Cherry Brandy
1 oz Ginger syrup

Shake in a shaker, serve over ice.

I suggest you start practicing tonight perhaps or tomorrow. It’s only fair to your guests that you perfect the drinks to your taste!