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Menu // Season 1
all items based on availability

White Truffle Popcorn / $2.25

The classic bar food modernized with white truffle salt

Adobo Boiled Peanuts / $5
Boiled peanuts cooked in Adobo peppers

Israeli Couscous Salad / $6.50
Large, pasta like couscous salad tossed with fresh vegetables

Blue Cheese Dip served with Potato Chips / $6
A rich and creamy blue cheese dip served with kettle chips

Spicy Fava Bean Salad / $6
Fava beans tossed with peppers and olive oil

Sesame Noodles/ $6.25
Sesame noodles served with a peanut dressing. Served hot or cold.

NUTS/$3.25 per
Roasted Savory Pecans

Pecans get a kick with cumin, cayenne pepper and sea salt

Candied Walnuts
Sweet roasted walnuts, a great balance to the salty

­Marcona Almonds
Traditional Spanish Almonds with light flavors of olive oil and salt

ANTIPASTO/$2.25 per
Gigandes in Vinaigrette

Mild beans marinated with fresh peppers, garlic, and herbs

Picholine Olives
Fresh French olives marinated with Provencal herbs, bright green and briny

Oil Cured Black Olives
Dry cured and soaked in olive oil, the resulting olives are very dense, with a rich, meaty flavor

Roasted red peppers
Fire roasted Greek Florina peppers

DIPS*/$4.00 per
Smoked Trout Dip­

North Carolina smoked Trout mixed with garlic and pepper for a salty smoky dip

Beet Pesto
A pesto twist, beets, garlic, parmesan, and walnuts all blended together for an earthy and fresh dip

Benton’s Bacon Pimento Cheese
Pimento cheese with a bacon and Habenero pepper kick

Your choice meat or cheese
$4.50 per

Benton’s prosciutto

Allan Benton’s 17-month-old country ham. This smoky and salty domestic prosciutto is cured in Allan’s smoke house in Madisonville, TN.

Salame Rosa
Cooked and coarsely chopped pork shoulder is mildly smoked and has tasty additions of coriander, white pepper, mace, and pistachios. Similar to Italian Mortadella and made from grass fed free range pork.

Columbus Felino
A hard salami with a 75/25 pork to fat ration mixed with sea salt and whole black pepper. The casing allows for a long slow aging which yields a complex flavor and aroma.

Columbus Finocchiona
This version of the Tuscan specialty is made in San Francisco from coarse ground pork seasoned with wild fennel seed. Aged 3-months.

La Serena

This cheese has been made for centuries on the outskirts of Caceres in Spain. La Serena is made from the milk of Merino sheep that graze slate and granite soil. Thistle rennet is added to the raw ewe’s milk. The cheese is aged 3-4 months. The flavor is delicate.

Fiore Sardo
From Sardinia’s rich pastoral land of Logudoro. Produced by shepherds who age the wheels for one month on site followed by a session of smoking and four or more months in cool cellars for a traditionally rustic flavor. Firm texture, wet smoke and a nutty finish. Made of raw sheep milk.

Singing Brook
Produced in Walland, TN at Blackberry Farm each wheel is made from raw milk and aged for a minimum of nine months.  During the aging period, the rind is periodically rubbed with olive oil. This cheese is rich, nutty and buttery, with a sharpness reminiscent of a Pecorino Tuscano.

*Dips and Charcuterie boards served with bread or add Riverplains Spelt Flatbread for $2.50

Our Riverplains spelt crackers are made from Certified Maverick Spelt from French’s Hybrids. The spelt used in these crackers is soaked for 24 hours in homemade yogurt before cooking. Soaking grains and legumes is an ancient and universal culinary practice, improving digestibility and making the nutrients more available.