Kenichi Aspem

Our first dinner. It was great except, and this is a first for me, the service was too fast! We were served 12 items including 3 sushi rolls and 1 entree in less than an hour. Here’s our meal. Except for the sushi it was all seriously delicious.

Eggplant Dengaku: amazing Japanese eggplant sweet, thinly sliced. It’s possible we ordered this twice.
Gyoza dumplings with boar meat and a cherry glaze.
Asian BBQ Duck with buckwheat soba and mushrooms.
Kobe beef tartar
Cantonese pork belly and scallops
Bonsai roll
Kenichi special roll
Spicy tuna roll
Dynamite shrimp
Godzilla roll
Some kind of sashimi topped with black sesame salt. This dish was presented beautifully.