The Last Word

Thursday’s cocktail at the Public House is one of my all time favorites. Bitter and sweet and beautiful!! Chartreuse is made by monks is one of those liqueurs that has a gazillion herbs resulting in a very complex flavor. A little goes a long way! 1 oz Gin 1 oz Greene Chartreuse 1 oz Luxardo […]

Corsair & The Bitter Truth

Mockingbird, Downtown Wine and Spirits, and the Public House are super excited to host Corsair Artisan and offer up some awesome cocktails featuring their “micro batch craft spirits” and bitters from The Bitter Truth. These are some amazing products and are all available at Downtown Wine and Spirits and will eventually be a fixture at […]

New York Sour

From the Employees Only Speakeasy book! Come taste it at the Public House on Thursday! According to their book: “The origin of this cocktail is shrouded in mystery, but it is icertain that it was served at several New York City speakeasies in the late 1920s…Think of it as the Prohibition-era Cosmo…” 1 3/4 oz […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

We’re super excited that Avanti Savoia is partnering with us on the Olive Oil tasting. They will be providing the other 2 oils to round out the tasting platter. Scroll down on this page to read about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the way Avanti finds the oils they carry. My favorite part: “We do […]

Charlie Jennings

One of the thing that interests me about food is, well, all the interesting people doing interesting things with food both at home and in business. Over the next few months Mockingbird will send questions to different food people for different reasons. Charlie Jennings is a former co-worker of mine. His blog CharlieTuna is one […]

Corsair Tasting!

I’m SO excited about our first venture into cocktails at The Public House!!! February 2 from 6:00-8:00 join The Public House, Downtown Wine and Spirits, & Mockingbird Events for a tasting of Corsair Artisan Distillery and The Bitter Truth bitters. Jason Ingram from Corsair will join us. Meet the makers and enjoy some creative cocktails! […]