Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

We’re super excited that Avanti Savoia is partnering with us on the Olive Oil tasting. They will be providing the other 2 oils to round out the tasting platter.

Scroll down on this page to read about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the way Avanti finds the oils they carry. My favorite part: “We do know that this evergreen is one of the world’s oldest cultivated trees.  Olives are a member of the family Oleaceae which includes flowering plants such as forsythia, lilacs and jasmines.  To the Greeks it was far more than simply a food; although olives and olive oil were one of their main sources of dietary fat.  The oil of the olive was also employed for body care, soap making, fuel for lamps and a host of other uses.  Besides as part of their regular (and healthful) diet, olive oil was surrounded by an aura that was medicinal, mystical and even magical.  It was the source of great power, wealth and influence.”

The oils that Avanti will be tasting us on are:
Cassini Gran Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml has a very fine taste, with note of artichokes, lettuce, and a hints of basil and parsley, with a fruity  after taste with mellow hints of ripe white apples, pine nut and dried fruit, harmonic bitterness.

Marcinase fruttato intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil has ample vegetal notes of artichokes, wild thistle, chicory, mint and rosemary, with a spicy after taste of black pepper, dried fruit and a distinct almond finishing, bitterness is difinite and pungency is present.

Our special guest Lorenzo Caponetti will be bringing Casa Caponetti’s Olio Extravergine Di Oliva Da Agricoltura Biologica

January 24, 2011
6:00 – 8:00 P.M.
The Public House
No admission, charge only for the tasting platter

Event Hosts:
Avanti Savoia
Mockingbird Events
UT Organic & Sustainable Crop Production Program
Slow Food Knoxville