North Carolina Eating

This weekend we were in Greensboro, North Carolina basically eating with a little family visiting on the side!

Saturday we started the morning off with Chicken Biscuits from Biscuitville, a mostly North Carolina chain. It’s still family owned and according to their website: “On average, the company goes through 28,600 pounds of flour; 4,000 pounds of country ham; 11,500 pounds of sausage and 9,500 pounds of bacon every week.” Pretty impressive.

I love chicken biscuits. So. Much. And these were better than most. The chicken breast was pretty big and had a little kick to the batter. The biscuit was spectacular. I wanted about 4 more biscuits afterwords, or at least one with butter and honey.

Next stop, Stamey’s BBQ for lunch. Another thing I love, the vinegar based North Carolina style BBQ. Given my propensity to pickle everything vinegar sauce on my meat is pretty great heavenly. At the right you are looking at slaw (no mayo, only the vinegar BBQ sauce and other seasoning), crazy hushpuppies that look like fingerling potatoes, sliced pork and chicken.

After stuffing ourselves at lunch we took a wee break before dinner at my aunt Liz’s house.  She’s one of those incredible cooks that knows it’s all about ingredients. We had pizzas baked in the oven on her pizza stones with venison sausage that my uncle Joe made from a deer he shot and salad with early greens from her garden. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

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  1. Aw dang! I had the best brunch I think I’ve ever had a few weeks ago in G-Boro. Duck Confit Hash at Print Works Bistro. It was awersome. I also hear the Cook Out has good drive-thru BBQ.

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