Paul’s Diner

On our way home from Greensboro we decided to take a detour through Cherokee to check out Paul’s Diner. I’d seen a segment about it on PBS and then saw someone tweet about it. Located right near the main amphitheater the diner has regular diner fare but also a section with some house specialties.

Even at 2:30 on a Sunday the place was half full. There is a specials board when you walk in and 2 jumped out: a hind leg of RABBIT (!) and fry bread pizza. We had heard about the fry bread specialties. Despite my heartfelt love of rabbit I decided 2:30 on a Sunday maybe wasn’t the time.

So we went with fry bread tacos. Fry bread, bean and meat chili, cheese, tomatoes, white onions, lettuce, and salsa. I really enjoyed eating this while eating it. The fry bread stayed crispy on the edges and was sweet. The savory items did not over power this, however, it they didn’t really balance out the way you want a sweet/savory combination to balance. After I finished I kind of thought, “that was great but I may not ever need to partake in that again.”

Check it out if you’re nearby:
1111 Tsali Blvd
Cherokee, NC 28719
(828) 497-9012