Murray’s Cheese

We are excited to welcome Murray’s Cheese to the Knoxville Public House for a cheese tasting on May 4, 2011 from 6 – 8 PM. This will be one of the events throughout the week to launch their cheese counter arrival to two Kroger’s in Knoxville.

Murray’s has been a New York staple for many, many years. It’s the oldest cheese shop in the City and generally one of my first stops when I land in New York. The store is jam packed with more cheese than you can imagine. There is Mast Brothers Chocolate, Sandwiches, Coffee, McClures Pickles, Bread, and a refrigerator section with more dairy and sodas. They have cheese classes. Everywhere you look you know you are in a place where people love CHEESE.

And what’s not to love with a gazillion varieties (yes that is an exact number) and a flavor spectrum from mild to extreme, I am always very sad for the truly lactose intolerant. My favorite part about Murray’s is the process. You walk in. Grab an old school deli number and wait for said number to pop up. Your cheese monger takes it from there. If you don’t know what you want (And even if you think you know what you want, you don’t. Just let the cheese monger guide you. They have so many unique cheeses!) you can say, hey I want a raw sheep cheese from Spain, and you are promptly presented with a small taste. Don’t like it? Move on. How about a soft cheese from Virginia? You can go on and on.

I knew when I started crafting the menu for the Public House I wanted to bring a little bit of New York to it. The best way to do this was through Murray’s. I was able to go through the same process as when I’m at the counter. We ended up with some unique and delicious products.

Knoxville is super lucky that Murray’s is coming to town. We will be picking some special beers to pair with the cheeses. Murray’s will have some of their staff at the tasting to talk about the cheeses. Mark your calender and come show Murray’s what a southern welcome looks like!