Bijou Jubilee! Tasting at Holly’s Eventful Dining

Lunches at Mockingbird HQ are generally pretty standard fare, greens and some kind of protein. Small and fine but generally pretty boring. Today, however, NOT boring. We did a tasting for the Bijou Jubilee! at Holly’s Eventful Dining.

The fundraising party is May 20 under the big top at Krutch Park Extension and includes buskers and music and food and fun, and it is going to be a truly unique and special event. And me being me after today’s lunch, I would pay the ticket price just for the food. More info and ticket purchasing HERE.

The menu for the eve:

German Döner Kebab served in Flatbread with Chickpea Sauce, Pickled Chile and Cucumber Relish
Ethiopian Sambussa served with Sweet Hot Sauce
American South Fried Chicken on a Stick with Ranch
Southeast Asian Vietnamese Bahn Mi
Latin American Empanadas and Pickled Shrimp Skewers
From Holly Street:  Applewood Candied Bacon and Flavored Popcorn in Fun Bags
Middle Eastern Falafel in Pita and a Market Noodle Salad
From Sweet Street:  Miniature Banana Puddings and Mexican Paletas

We somehow tasted most of this today and it was spectacular. Holly and her team did an incredible job of really making it feel like we traveled the world with her food.

Bahn Mi with super delicious crusty bread and amazing beef.

Paletas of lime, acai, strawberry, and more! Delicious Mexican Popsicles perfect for a day like today.

Pickled shrimp with fresh dill and a delicate sweet and vinegar sauce.

Ethiopian dumplings. Someday I want to do a dumpling only event. Everything is wrapped and fried or steamed. These are served with a sweet chili sauce.