Crops are finally coming in. This past weekend we had 3 different dishes with items from our garden. The Farmer’s Market is looking good with greens, berries, and much more. The eternal question is what to do beyond just making dinner with the bounty. Pickling is always a good answer, but not always the best […]


Biscuit Festival is fast approaching. This second annual event is growing fast and has some big names coming in to join us in the celebration of the biscuit! See the full schedule here. You will not want to miss any of the events over the weekend. It’s your chance to celebrate all things biscuit! Knoxville […]

Biscuit Festival

The Second Annual International Biscuit Festival is less than 2 weeks away, May 27 and 28! Mockingbird has been lucky enough to sit in on planning meetings this year, but will once again not be lucky enough to attend since that’s when Mockingbird HQ moves to Bonnaroo land. So you all have to go for […]

Fava Beans

Just picked my first fava beans. I am not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. But man they are pretty. I have done a little research and I definitely want to try a hummus, but right now I don’t have enough ready. I found these two very spring, very fresh recipes: Shrimp, […]

Sunday Brunch!

This morning I was dreaming of biscuits and gravy delivery. Alas no such goodness exists. But then I remembered I had frozen biscuits and Benton’s Country Ham! Frozen biscuits could be better but they also could be worse. Way worse, I’ve had biscuits in Colorado! So I threw those in the oven, fried up the […]