Fermented food is amazing. From the liquor we drink, to beer, to pickles. Full Sour Dill pickles, the old school style kind are fermented and we will be serving them as part of the condiment menu at the upcoming Farm to Table dinner. They have this briny, salty taste and you can’t believe they are not made without loads of vinegar, but it’s just water and salt. Above are the Full Sour Dills we started this afternoon.

Tickets/Full menu:
Cucumber Slices with Riverplains Herbed Goat Cheese
Open-Fire Fried Potatoes
Deep Fried Whole Okra Skewers
Fried Green Tomatoes
Riverplains Sirloin Tips
Creole Mayonnaise
Egg Mustard Sauce
Fresh Tomato Slices with Quick Pickled Onions
Riverplains Spelt Crackers and Corn Cakes with a Medley of Chutneys and hot sambals
Full Sour Fermented Dill PIckles Summer
Vegetable Medley Pickles
Traditional Sauerkraut and Carrot Salad