BaconFest UPDATE!

Swine and Dine Sold Out / Jennifer Niceley to Play BaconBits + Judges / Husk + Bon Appetit Swine and Dine Sold Out! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and packages the last tickets to Swine and Dine were sold on Friday! Don’t fret though. There are still plenty of tickets to the Traditional Smokehouse […]


Next up is BaconBits. As we’ve been saying, this is your chance for bacon fame and glory. Well at least for fame and glory among all of us out enjoying BaconFest! Last year there were lollipops, a log cabin, short breads, and more. Don’t forget, sometimes the most simple dish is the best. It’s simple: […]


Well folks, BaconFest is in FOUR WEEKS! We are getting very excited over here at Mockingbird HQ and so this week will highlight each of the events. Tickets are moving swiftly and we want to see you all there, so get those tickets while they are still available for the getting. We’re going to work […]


Chartreuse is both an amazing color and liqueur. We love both at the Public House! This gem of a bottle sits on our back shelf. Made by monks who are silent the recipe is top secret like most herbal liqueurs, we use it in the Last Word and it is delicious over ice. On Wednesday […]