Well folks, BaconFest is in FOUR WEEKS! We are getting very excited over here at Mockingbird HQ and so this week will highlight each of the events. Tickets are moving swiftly and we want to see you all there, so get those tickets while they are still available for the getting.

We’re going to work our way backwards on the schedule, so today it’s BaconFest Bar Food and Corsair Artisan Distillery at the Public House. This will be the culminating celebration of all things bacon and what a celebration it’s going to be. It’s going to be unfettered, bar food, beer drinking fun.

It will be your chance to have dishes from many of the top culinary minds from Knoxville. Want a glimpse of the kind of food Governor Haslam has at the Executive Residence? This is your chance, Matt Gallaher a Knoxville native and Blackberry Farm alum, current chef to Gov. Haslam will be cooking up his inspirational take on bar food. Want to taste what the magical minds behind Harry’s Deli will do with Benton’s? You can have that too. Then there is the ever surprising, ever inspiring Holly Hambright of Holly’s Eventful Dining. Finally, what does Stanton Webster, the manager of Nama and wine lover extraordinaire know about cooking? A lot, an awful lot, and he’ll be showing off his skills along with the rest of this team of chefs.

As if this was not enough, Corsair will have Blackberry Farm beers for us to taste. Blackberry will be releasing their new beer around BaconFest time out at the farm. It will not be available to the public till some time in 2012, unless you are coming to this event. This is a special chance to taste what is sure to be wonderful new craft beer. Classic Saison and Smoke Ale will be on offering in tasting portions. We’ll also have some signature cocktails all with Corsair spirits. If you haven’t had their Triple Smoke or Gin you are missing out. Smooth and distinct.

So, as you can see this is going to be a party. Many of our culinary guests will hopefully be celebrating along side with us. Here’s to Allan Benton, Blackberry Farm, Matt, Holly, Stanton, Amy and Ben! We are lucky to call Knoxville home with the likes of these luminaries cooking for us!

Tickets HERE.