Next up is BaconBits. As we’ve been saying, this is your chance for bacon fame and glory. Well at least for fame and glory among all of us out enjoying BaconFest! Last year there were lollipops, a log cabin, short breads, and more. Don’t forget, sometimes the most simple dish is the best.

It’s simple:
Download the entry form (image above)
Practice your dish that fits in the savory, sweet, or creative category
Bring your game face and your best bacon dish possible to Ijams
It’s $5 to get in the door and your dish needs to be on the table by 5:45
The judging, by a luminary panel of bacon lovers, will begin and winners will be crowned, and by crowned, we mean bacon CROWNED

If you don’t want to make a bacon dish you can still come spectate. Sit under the stars at Ijams and enjoy the bucolic scenery that gets even better when there’s bacon in the air! We will have picnic dinners from Rita Cochran who has been cooking for years and makes some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Jennifer Niceley and friends will be our musical entertainment after the new bacon winners have been crowned.

Purchase your dinner and entry fee HERE.