Why Bacon is Great: Stanton Webster

Stanton is a wine lover, cocktail maker extraordinaire and amazing chef. He’ll be cooking up some bacon goodness with the rest of our dream team at BaconFest Barfood and Corsair Artisan Distillery. Tickets HERE.

Why do you like cooking with bacon?
I really enjoy the depth of flavor with bacon. Great smoky, savory, unctousness…it’s summer tent revival religion with pork fat and smoke. It speaks from that part of my soul that is caught up in Southern. Bacon is dancing with your best lady friend to a Faron Young tune, it’s Grandpa Jones singing about 8 more miles to Louisville. Bacon is Saturday night at the Opry listening to a handful of different dudes named Hank and none of them are a Williams. Bacon is like the party Roger Miller and George Jones used to have. Bacon is the knowledge that you would rather “drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log, than be in Atlanta treated like a dirty dog.” Also, by its general nature, bacon dissuades one from cooking while naked.

What is your favorite thing about cooking in Knoxville?
I really enjoy the community of Knoxville. I truly appreciate that the same folks we’re feeding on Saturday night, I’ll be saying hello to on my way to the bank Monday morning. I also really enjoy the fact that even if I am not present for a shift at work, if something goes wrong folks will reach out to me. We got each other’s back in this town.

If you could have a meal cooked by anyone living or dead who would it be?
I would love to have broken bread with Richard Olney.