Yesterday Mr. Mockingbird and I hosted our first official, we’re-going-to-get-married event. Mental note, Sunday brunches no matter the purpose, with good drink, good food, lovely weather and even lovelier friends tend to turn epic. We started around noon, everyone left by 7.

I will not detail the number of bottles of Campari and champagne we went through. I will tell you that for once I accomplished what I always say I’m going to do, which is to not cook so much that I’m exhausted by party time. My plan of attack was to utilize some of Knoxville’s finest, combined with a few special ordered items.

From Harry’s Delicatessen I pre-ordered their lox and bialys. All I had to do was slice and serve. From the Shrimp Dock we bought the above super fresh oysters, cocktail sauce, and horseradish and put together oyster shooters. My splurge was ordering Latkes and roe from Gilt Taste. The Latkes were pretty perfect considering they came in the mail and all I had to was put them on a sheet and in the oven for ten minutes. Topped with a little creme fraiche and the roe, this was my favorite. Finally, the day before the brunch, I roasted a leg and shoulder of lamb with fall vegetables and potatoes. That’s it. So super easy and fun.