Sunday Dinner


Sunday dinner, Mockingbird style. It’s a rare Sunday that Mr. Mockingbird and I are able to cook dinner that we actually sit at the table and eat. We’re either out of town, too tired, or too lazy to make this happen. Yesterday though we did it up right. The above pasta is cooking in equal parts white wine and water, a bit of tomato paste, and a chicken bouillon cube. Cooking pasta in wine adds flavor to the pasta and makes it almost velvety. Then I sauteed onion, mushrooms, shrimp, and Andouille sausage with tarragon, salt, pepper, and a little of the white wine.

While I was cooking Mr. Mockingbird was in the backyard shucking a couple dozen oysters. If you know us you know there are often oysters in our lives but usually there are people coming over when the oysters are being shucked. This was our first time buying them just for us. We ate the oysters at the table with cocktail sauce and horseradish.

It’s real easy to forget that to cook a nice dinner doesn’t have to take long. I think all told, prep and cooking time, this took about 30 minutes. Somehow it is especially nice to have dinner like this on a Sunday. I suppose it’s one of those old eating habits that is ingrained in us from generations past.