Happy Spring – New White Wines at Public House

New wines start Friday March 23 at the Public House. I am SO excited for this new list. It’s a strong showing for interesting and enjoyable white wines as we welcome this lovely warm weather. The Rosé is a great example of French Rosés. It is fruity and light and a steal at the price. I personally bought 5 cases of the Trois Amis Sauvignon Blanc for my wedding. It is interesting and bright and so good. Forget what you think about Chardonnay with the Joseph Drouhin Laforet Chardonnay. Give it a try in a wine flight. You will not be sad. It’s so good and worth every penny. More than any other list I encourage you to pick a few of these for a flight. They all have amazing qualities that really shine when tasted together. Enjoy!


Glass Mountain Chardonnay / California / $5 / $20
Fragrant orange blossom, pear and citrus flavors combine in a ripe, juicy mouthful and provide a surprisingly creamy finish.

Seigneurs De Bergerac Rosé / France / $6.50 / $25
Rosés are perfect for hot sunny days. Simple, clean, fresh, with light acidity, it’s a fruit-forward wine that’s not simply fruity. There are herbal notes lending freshness to the finish.

Casal Vinho Verde / France / $6.50 / $25
Portuguese green wine that is the perfect summer drinking wine. Light and effervescent, it’s hard to drink just one glass. There’s a slight acidity that balances the citrus flavors.

Ruffino Orvieto / Italy / $7.50 / $29
An Italian blend from Umbria. This medium bodied wine has slight mineral qualities that are fresh and harmonious with good body and a finish of citrus fruits. It’s not a wine we were familiar with before tasting it, but we love it are sure that you will too.

Trois Amis Sauvignon Blanc / France / $7.50 / $29
This Sauvignon Blanc is a non-traditional wine fill of exotic fruit flavors with a crisp finish. While there are citrus notes they are well balanced to make it the perfect patio wine.

Joseph Drouhin Laforet Chardonnay / France / $9 / $35
A classical unoaked Chardonnay that is fruity and full of life. If you’ve never tried French white wines this is a great start. If you’re familiar with French whites you’ll love it too. With crushed grapes and almond flavors. There is no residual sugar.

Tilia Torrontes / Argentina / $29
Torrontes is one of our favorite grapes. It has the mineral flavors of the cold soil the grapes are cultivated in. It’s great for wine drinkers that don’t want any hint of sugar but still like the crispness of white wines.

Primal Roots Blend / Calafornia / $25
We’re in love with the Primal Roots label. Their wines are great for the price and offer a refreshing blend. This white has Viogner, Riesling, Colombard and more. There’s a weight to this wine with fruit forward balance.

Mouton Cadet Bordeaux / France / $28
Another great French white. Very light on the palette with a simple and refreshing finish. This is another great introductory French white wine.