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We are super excited for the new food menu at the Public House. The ever amazing shepherd at Border Springs Farm suggested we check out The Spotted Trotter in Atlanta when I asked about a good regional source for cured meats. He suggested many, but The Spotted Trotter won out. Their charcuterie selection is about the best I’ve ever tasted. The Coppa is beautifully marbled with fat, the Bresaola is cured in red wine and has the a depth of flavor I’ve rarely experienced and the Tasso Ham is leaps and bounds better than any Tasso ham I’ve tasted.These new meats are regional, delicious, and will make you happy.


We’re also adding beer cheese served with hentails. I found both recipes in The Southern Cookbook. First published in 1950, the paperback edition is from 1961. This book is amazing. It has about 8 recipes for Mint Juleps and there are some incredible punch recipes (stay tuned for a classic punch night at the bar). When looking through the book for new-to-us recipes, I found the beer cheese and hentails recipe. The Hentails is the most simple cracker recipe ever. Three ingredients that come together for an amazing result of part biscuit, part cracker. Plus they are called hentails for a reason not explained in the book!

Other new items include spicy mustard served with soft pretzels, olive tapenade, artichoke pesto, and new cheeses. Come make a lovely small plate dinner out of it all!

Full menu below.



White Truffle Popcorn / $3
Truffle salted popcorn

Parmesan Cheese Popcorn / $3
Popcorn with Parmesan cheese

Curried Garbanzo Bean Salad / $5
Garbanzo beans, curry, and roasted tomatoes

Cajun Spiced Peanuts / $3
Whole roasted peanuts in their shells with Cajun spices

Murphy’s Stout Beer Cheese with Hentails / $4.25
Our interpretation of fluffy beer cheese served cold with hentails, a housemade cheddar cracker

Pretzels with Spicy Mustard / $4.25
Soft pretzels served with SPICY housemade mustard

Peanut Noodles/ $6
Soba noodles tossed with house made peanut sauce

NUTS/$3.25 per
Roasted Savory Pecans
Pecans get a kick with cumin, cayenne pepper and sea salt

Candied Pecans
Sweet roasted pecans, a great balance to the salty

Marcona Almonds
Traditional Spanish Almonds with light flavors of olive oil and salt

DIPS / $4.25 per
served with Tellico Grains bread

Smoky Hummus
Garbanzo beans, Tahini, and Smoked Paprika

Benton’s Bacon Cheese Relish
Sharp cheddar cheese, Benton’s bacon, and banana peppers

Artichoke Pesto
Artichokes, basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and fresh herbs

Olive Tapenade
Oil cured black olives, capers, lemon juice and fresh herbs

your choice of meat or cheese
boards served with tellico grains bread
tasso ham, coppa, + bresaola all from the spotted trotter in atlanta, ga

Benton’s Prosciutto / $4
Allan Benton’s country ham. This smoky and salty domestic prosciutto is cured in Allan’s smoke house in Madisonville, TN.

Tasso Ham / $4
A Cajun/Creole spicing ham, but actually comes from the shoulder. Garlic brined, spice rubbed and smoked on Pecan wood for 8-10 hours.

Coppa / $5
A traditional cured whole muscle derived from Italy, dry cured and air dried for 40 days in a Beef Bung. Finished with Smokey Pimenton, Garlic and Clove.

Bresaola / $5
A wet cured beef eye round that is wet cured in Italian Aromatics and then slowly air dried for more than 60 days.

Sequatchie Farm Coppinger / $4.50
Produced at Sequatchie Farm in Tennessee washed rind cheese, inspired by French Morbier and Raclette.

P’tit Basque / $4.50
This semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese is handmade in the French Pyrenees Mountains. P’tit Basque, made from pure sheep’s milk, has a slightly oily texture and an earthy flavor.

Singing Brook / $4.50
Produced in Walland, TN at Blackberry farm each wheel is made from raw milk and aged for a minimum of nine months. This cheese is rich, nutty and buttery, with a sharpness reminiscent of a Pecorino Tuscano.

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans / $3
Enjoy a little sweetness. Goes well with any red wine and perfect for a little kick at the end of the eve.





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