Sunrise Market

***Each month Mockingbird will do a post of a featured item from the Sunrise Market. Located in West Knoxville it is an expansive Asian grocery store full of live fish, duck hearts, produce, and many, many other amazing items.*** The Rambutan: From Wikipedia: The rambutan (pronounced /ræmˈbuːtÉ™n/, Nephelium lappaceum) is a medium-sized tropical tree in […]

Maldon Sea Salt

Every Thanksgiving it seems my Dad and I get into an argument about salt and how it tastes. He says salt, is salt, is salt. It all tastes the same. Every year we do a tasted test because I have no less than 6 different kinds of salt at my house right now, and every […]

Angels’ Wings

Angels’ Wings Equal parts Ginger apple cider Laird’s Applejack or bourbon Heated and served with a twist of lemon Ginger Apple Cider Adapted from Imbibe Magazine 4 lbs of apples 1lb ginger 1 bay leaf 1 lemon Water For the cider: Puree 4lbs of apples in a food processor, no need to peel. Let the […]


Traveling to lands afar, buying interesting food items that you still can’t get at home is a hobby of many people I know. Most people eat or share immediately, the rest of us hoard until sometimes it’s gone bad and you don’t even get to enjoy it. My friend still has a bottle of cassis […]