Next up is BaconBits. As we’ve been saying, this is your chance for bacon fame and glory. Well at least for fame and glory among all of us out enjoying BaconFest! Last year there were lollipops, a log cabin, short breads, and more. Don’t forget, sometimes the most simple dish is the best. It’s simple: […]


Well folks, BaconFest is in FOUR WEEKS! We are getting very excited over here at Mockingbird HQ and so this week will highlight each of the events. Tickets are moving swiftly and we want to see you all there, so get those tickets while they are still available for the getting. We’re going to work […]

Old School

I got to do some research for BaconFest this weekend while in New York City. We went around to a few old school butcher shops. There was a lot of hanging meat, spiraled sausages, and awesome old men. All around these shops are fancy stores with over priced ‘fashion’. These are some of the hold […]

BaconFest is ON SALE!

  It is upon us. We have so many exciting elements to this year’s festival it is hard for me to contain myself. Joseph Lenn is cooking with Sean Brock. Blackberry farm is selecting wines for this dinner. Holly Hambright, Stanton Webster, Matt Gallaher and Ben and Amy Willis-Becker are collaborating to create bacon bar […]