Fatty Crab

Last week I was in New York City. I ate twice at Fatty Crab. It’s been around for a while, but remains one of my standby favorites. The food is full of flavors I only get to taste when I eat there. As I joked to my friends I met there, the wait staff recognizes […]

The Breslin

Thanks to my cousin Tim, we ended up at The Breslin last week for what turned into a pre-Thanksgiving gorgefest. It is a new place in the lobby of the Ace hotel run by the Spotted Pig chefs. The menu is full of pork in many, many forms. There is onion and bone marrow soup. […]


On Monday we sought out a restaurant in Koreatown here in New York. The food was not awesome, the decorations were. There was also traditional Christmas music in the background but sung in Korean and with Korean pop-music effects. It was an experience.